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Friday, July 31, 2009

Create a custom Approval workflow using SharePoint Designer

Create a custom Approval workflow using SharePoint Designer

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This workflow is useful for 3 levels of approval required to filing form. Only form is visible when 3 levels approval completed.If any one Reject the form then Mail Sent to Created by user that your list entry is rejected for some reason.

Below some basic steps to creating approval workflow.

Step 1: It starts when a new item is created, modified or user can start workflow manually also.

Step 2: Created Workflow variable. Below Workflow variable description.

• TQM 25 Approval ID: This variable holds the ID of the task used to collect data from the approver.
• Approval: This variable holds the value of the “Approval” field in the task used to approve or reject the request.
• Comments: This variable holds the value of the “Comments” field in the task used to approve or reject the request.
• Collect: Task List Item ID Created for Task List.

Step 3: For First level Approval Task user is fill form on submission mail will go to person mentioned in field “Your Excellence Enabler”. Task is assigned to person whose name is mentioned in Your Excellence Enabler field. No condition is checked for Assigning task.

Actions Steps:

• Create a new approval task to be completed by the approver. This is implemented as “Collect Data from a User”. Task Id store in local workflow variable.

• Set workflow variable value whether user approved or Reject item. [ Refer Step 4 ]

• Same way store user comments on local workflow variable. [ Refer Step 5 ]

Step 4: Set Workflow Variable value as Approved or Reject.

Step 5: Set workflow variable comments value.

Step 6: So the action that we are going to use is the 'Collect Data From User' action.
1. The data that needs to be collected
2. The user that needs to provide the data, the human resource manager
3. A variable to collect, task ID.
Step 6.1 Click on Collect data new wizard will open

Step 6.2: we need to collect data from user so here we can add Approve / Reject Checkbox and comments multiline textbox.

Step 6.3 Final output of collect data.

Step 7: Once first level task is assigned to “your Excellence Enabler”. Mail Sent to Excellence Enabler to approve and Reject task.

Step 8: if Excellence Enabler Approve Task then Approval Mail sent to Created By and if Reject task then Rejection Mail Sent to Created By.
o On Approved of Excellence Enabler next task is assigned to Champion Approval.

o On Reject workflow is stopped.

Step 9: Same as Step 7

Step 10: Once All Approval completed Entry is display on list.

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